I have known Vanessa for over 6 years and would have no hesitation in recommending her for any role especially one as a personal trainer. She has always treated our group like she would her own family and get commitment to our own health and wellbeing is incredible. She is always striving to find new techniques or training methods that will give her clients an edge in achieving their goals but most importantly she listens to our goals and perceived barriers. She has inner strength and very warm heart. Vanessa if always prompt with any written feedback is almost immediate. She is totally devoted to her job and for that reason we will miss her dearly and find that she is probably irreplaceable. TF

I started training with Vanessa over a year ago. Having trained with many trained I can honestly say Vanessa is the best trainer I’ve ever had. Rather than a blanket approach to all her clients she’s incredibly good at identifying the perfect approach for each individual.
Get amazing nutritional knowledge coupled with her training techniques have enabled me to train in a more holistic way.
The thing I’ve enjoyed most about training with Vanessa is that its tons of fun. She’s creative in the way she uses her surrounding environment to ensure her workouts are never repetitive or born ing – sometimes you even feel like you’re playing. Sting but getting an incredible workout. You can’t beat that. I’d recommend training with Vanessa anyway. Or everyday if I could! NM

I have known Vanessa since 2008 when she became my personal trainer and can recommend car without hesitation. In addition I have observed her work with others and in her personal life. She is a very rare and skillful life coach. She combines her formal training in fitness with her academic degree and ongoing learning to provide an holistic approach to health and living. Her programs are targeted structured innovative and evaluated. They extend the client without any undue pressure. Vanessa combines her extensive knowledge with a wonderful ability to tap into the needs of her clients and achieve remarkable results. She lives what she teaches. I consider as fortunate anyone who engaged her as their trainer. AR

Since 2007 I have been a client of Vanessa Green and from our first session I knew the recommendation truly deserved. It was clear she was interested in finding a program which met the individual circumstances of her client. She would not only analyse and priories my short and longer goals but would explain how our activity would address those. Her approach was truly professional. Vanessa has contributed much to my recovery from my husbands death and has shown me first hand how a well thought through fitness program benefits the health of older people and enhances their ability to live fully. JG

I have had the pleasure of overcoming an ancient overused under performing exercise routine thanks to the amazing Vanessa green.  She has changed my whole approach to fitness. She has taught me that it’s the little things that have do the big things. It has been fantastic learning so many new things. I cannot say enough about her ability to motivate and keep things fresh; I’m amazed by her efforts and creativity in her work. MC

I love training with Vanessa Green. I couldn’t be happier with her program her attitude and the results. Vanessa has such a smart and comprehensive approach to health and fitness. It’s not just about the exercises or the repetitions. Its a holistic plan that involves nutrition, strength, cardio, balance and stretching. Most important are regular fitness evaluations that help target these to keep improving how the body moves. And the actual training sessions are just plain fun. What I personally enjoy is that each exercise is so much more than it seems. They are efficient at targeting multiple areas as well as building in complexity. Each session utilizes what we have previously learned with a new step or twist keeping everything interesting and challenging. Even though we work out as a group Vanessa helps each of us work towards our individual goals which carries over to emails and newsletter. She understands health and fitness do not start and end in a one hour session. She gives us the tools and information for confined growth. She’s inspirational and motivating. As a trainer mentor wellness guide and friend, Vanessa has become a values and essential part of my life. SB

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