Beet, goat cheese and honey tarts
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Beet, goat cheese and honey tarts
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Optional: lemon curd tarts
  1. Mix all pastry ingredients until sticky and roll into thickness you like. I freeze half of this mixture for another meal; even with half you can make half savory and half sweet, perhaps with a bit of lemon curd on top!
  1. Preheat oven to 425f/220c. Finely slice beets, coat in coconut oil, salt and pepper and roast 45-60min (watch beets around edge as they'll cook faster)
  2. Arrange on pastry with goats cheese and basil leave then drizzle with honey
Lemon curd topping
  1. Keep some of the baked tarts free for sweeter topped lemon curd! Heat all ingredients over low heat until thickened... careful not to scramble the eggs!
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