‘First move well, then move often. In that order’

So many of us focus on how to make our squat better: but how does yours makes you better?

If it’s not relaxing and restorative for you to sit in squat, you need to work on your movement. And that’s not going to be hard-all-out-lose-your-breath-cardio-focused explosive efforts; yet. We all need to crawl before we can walk; we need to roll before we can squat.

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Then we need to stop scrutinizing what’s wrong with our body and start noticing what’s right. There is no one size fits all workout with exercises that look challenging enough you should be able to do them: if someone says there is, they’re either selling something, deluded, or both. You are as unique on the inside as out and you need to learn to listen to what your body needs. And that’s easier than you think.

Put your body through the basics, the foundations for movement, and work your way up. It’s faster than you think; and you’ll be stronger than you ever imagined possible. Same you, just the best version.

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