You have dreams, goals and desires.

You know that you so badly want them to come to reality. Maybe you feel like you need direction, support, the guidance to get you on track. To step into the BEST version of you.


Where could you actually be in your life? So often we see images of what we’d like to be and dream that one day we might be but what are we doing about it? And is it right for us, getting us to the best version of ourselves, even better than that image?

What if we took that image and set about filling in all the details to today and then setting you onward going there. Movement meals and mindset are all a part of it but with a daily dose of what you need of each to step into the desired you you want is really only steps away. You could even begin to enjoy each day stepping there when you realized you’re already doing the work to become the fitbynature you desire!

Are you ready for MASSIVE change in your life?


*Weekly expansion of boundaries to get you unapologetically moving, into your dreams, goals and desires!

*Clearing the blocks between you and your desires

*Tools, tips and tricks to get you moving into your desired reality

*A bespoke routine to get you aligned every day to be the best version of you


Weekly FaceTime calls complete with workouts, meditation, meal ideas or all of these sent to you via email after getting it all into alignment in our chat. The steps to get you to your fitbynature. Choose either:

-6 weeks


Contact us to schedule a call here.

Group Coaching

Work with others inspiring and pushing each other with like minded vibes goals and achievements. Complete with private Facebook group of your like minded high vibe movers getting fitbynature

-4xyear: join April, July, October, January. Facebook live videos, meal ideas, mindset motivation for two weeks. Doors open one month before and close week before start date. Look for notifications or get on wait list for next season here.

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