Observing others is a big step towards becoming more conscious of your own movement habits. That’s gotta be one of the biggest perks of the job as a movement teacher: that you get to keep learning every session. And you can be too. Obviously you don’t want to be the suspect perv who’s obviously leering […]

In 2019, just getting people moving is not enough. Humans evolve. Fitness has too. I feel like it’s my job to unearth that story in each of us. I’ve never really understood why we insist on doing what everyone else is doing given we’re all different. If we do what everyone else is, what we […]

We prioritize a bikini body in spring in preparation for summer, but just as important in autumn is prioritising rest, whole body movement, as well as nutrient dense and seasonal produce for managing our energy levels as the seasons change for winter.  1. We need more sleep in winter months. Give yourself permission. Our body wants more […]

Our health is defined by an equation with ‘do less of this’ and ‘more of that’: ‘If I eat less and exercise more I will lose weight’. When the equation doesn’t balance, our health doesn’t either: it’s an approach about struggle and scarcity. Our body prioritizes repairing and improving tissues that we use frequently. Conversely, […]

Our mouth is for eating, tasting, and talking; our nose is for breathing and smelling. It’s when our bodies, or body parts, begin to operate outside their intended function, that problems begin to arise. If you’re breathing through your mouth while you sleep at night, it’s a big deal. Mouth breathing (asleep or awake) is […]

Why do lizards sunbathe? Why do jackrabbits have huge ears? Why do dogs pant when they’re hot? Why do we love and loathe sunshine, cold water, windy days, rainy stormy weather? We regulate our body temperature by thermoregulatory strategies that are arguably physical as well as mental. I remember Easter weekends as a kid when […]