If there’s something iso did it’s get us out of routine. And there’s something iso restrictions now lifting is doing it’s getting us out of the routine that we finally go ourselves into. Agghhh Admitting to yourself that you’ve dropped out of routine is firstly worth congratulating yourself for. Self awareness is the first step […]

“Imagine an exercise that would simultaneously complement our musculoskeletal needs, improve posture, stimulate reactions and speed, serve as an ongoing teaching tool never letting poor form or technique in sight that was also practical and efficient. Skipping, aka jump rope, does just that”. – Gray Cook. And so last month I choose to challenge myself […]

Energy comes before training and as a result of training. I used to train my hardest no matter how I felt. Though highs bit a lot of lows, I’d push myself just to get my daily (often high intensity) training in. If I saw myself today back then, I’d laugh at how little I train […]

When you think of Spring, and health and fitness, it seems everyone thinks cleanses and detoxes and things you should be doing But what if this spring we thought about what we’d been doing? Winter is a time of hibernation, of storage and slowing and knuckling down. Sounds like you’re pretty rested and loaded up […]

When you think about eating better, what comes to mind? Adding servings of fruits and vegetables to your lunches and dinners? Cutting down on processed foods? Consuming more locally grown produce? What if by doing something as small as adjusting your mealtimes, you could re-set your body clock and improve your health? Because adjusting one […]

We’re all a collage of whys: why we exercise, why we eat the way we do, think the way we do, make the choices we do. Losing weight only makes you lighter not kinder, not smarter, not happier. You just weigh less. So what are your whys? Maybe they’re Instagram inspired, past achievements to be […]

It’s funny that ‘squat’ and ‘squatting’ both have negative meanings, but in the world of health it couldn’t be further from the truth. While there’s no one thing that’s the best thing, squatting comes very close.  Let me clarify too. I not talking squatting weights. I’m taking about being in the position of deep squat, […]