When you think of Spring, and health and fitness, it seems everyone thinks cleanses and detoxes and things you should be doing

But what if this spring we thought about what we’d been doing? Winter is a time of hibernation, of storage and slowing and knuckling down. Sounds like you’re pretty rested and loaded up ready for Spring!

So this spring, let’s think instead that you’re already ready. You’re a coiled spring from winter ready to go.

But don’t go too hard. Of course. Go by how you feel.

But do you know know?

Every day I do a self assessment as a daily process of warming my body up. From there I can work out how to adapt my training variables (based on my own self-assessment and goals).

Health is taking responsibility for yourself own your own choices. Coaches can guide you but you need to develop self awareness to do the work. For you.

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