For me it has been a magical mystical tour to be able to become curious about what I’m eating and that food changes everything.

You have a cup of coffee you feel one way, sugar another, a carrot, a steak and this profound thing that affects human behavior day to day, week to week.

I can understand how we think food is medicine. But for me allopathic medicine saved my life, with or without food. Emergency brain surgery to remove a tennis ball sized brain tumor needed every neurosurgery breakthrough and tech going. Did you know they used to blind drill and hope to locate tumors?!!

But every day is another day towards my yearly check. A doc visit for a referral for an mri, the mri, waiting for imagery and an appointment with neurosurgeon. And it’s scary. Still. The leadup, the waiting, til the moment he (so far) declares up clear.

Each day is an opportunity to nourish myself into the knowledge I am ok. And particularly from that kind of tumor, in my cerebellum, affecting my balance and spatial awareness and more. I’m not walking around not listening to my body anymore.

And food is the music for my listening. I don’t think of food as fuel. I feel enhancing energy with food is flawed. But eating food should taste good, and make you feel good, both immediately and for longer than two hours so you’re not a slave to more food, not able to live further than a cafe, fridge or grocery store.

Your body is sending signals day to day, week to week, and we can develop our familiarity with it. And it takes time to figure out exactly what and how you’re supposed to be doing that. However, the more familiar you are in your own body, the better control you can have and the more efficient you’ll become and can become at acquiring new skills.

Because when you CAN listen, and CAN realize it’s under you’re control, and you CAN realize your familiarity with your body and it’s capacities, do you see how learning something new would be a bit easier?

Not to mention when we’re well and have all the options to create what we want, our CNS in our brain can find more and more ways to execute living to thrive!

All of this takes time. But would you rather let time pass and slowly move towards having less knowledge about your body or would you rather make use of that time and become more familiar with yourself and give yourself the opportunity to do all the things you can even BETTER?

Food is food and, like what I’m often preemptive text prompted as I’m writing the word, good, for becoming familiar with your body and the opportunity to live your best.

Join us October 7-20 for The Sugar Intervention, two weeks of listening to your body and it’s responses to food. We’re going to strip back our intake to the basics then gradually add whole food items back: if something works, eat it. If a food does not make you feel good, giving you optimal energy and digestion, then try something else. It’s a simple method to figure out how food FEELS, how good a food is for you.

DM for joining details, cost, weaning week info, guidelines and recipes to get you started ebooks.

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