None of us would be where we are alone. Without our friends, family, collaborators, teachers, clients, opponents we really are just alone. And so is our knowledge, our experiences, our ability to grow: alone, unconnected, unuseful, unused. 1. No man is an island. Human beings necessarily depend on one another, and so does our learning: […]

We all can use better shoulder, rib, and waist mobility for optimal breathing. And we could all use better breathing for better shoulder, rib, and waist mobility! While breathing is an automatic function in our body it’s also within our manual control. The quality of the way you breathe has the potential to transform everything […]

The more I understand about the human body and its ability to function optimally, the more I realise how important it is to feed my body water more optimal than tap water. Water is the most important nutrient in our body. We’re about 70% water. Without water, our organs would lose their ability to purify […]

If we want a body that is always able to move, surely we should always move it?! So much joint inflammatory care and prevention involves foods and food supplements but what about movements to nourish joints in the very ways we want them to work? And while so much of this area is aimed at older […]