People often ask me how we have so much energy. Not just the kid but as a family. I’m not sure it’s a question of energy though. Even in most of my clients cases, once the motivation and inspiration are installed, energy is merely how. Yesterday I skated Banzai Skatepark. I mean it’s a skatepark […]

When your life is based around movement, in your body’s ability to change with change, to go with the flow, create your own flow in mobility and strength, and maybe inspire others while you’re doing all that, it makes sense to share my biggest move yet: back home. I’ve said this to friends who were […]

As a child and teenage gymnast I remember many tears. Ankle weighted toe shoe walks, bouncing splits pushed from above, hollow back pulses. And then I’d go home and try and replicate them each day until next practice, each time with the same tears. Funnily enough I’m not that into pain anymore ha. But I […]

A lot of the time we take our body for granted. It’s just taking us thru each day and we don’t pay attention until something’s wrong or hurt or we get an injury. Look down at your knees and realize the hips above and the ankles below carry us around all day. So they’re probably […]