I can see (& know) I have significant asymmetry. Particularly between my left and right thoracic (ribcage) rotations in these pictures. And a lot of that is post brain surgery over my right cerebellum and right neck (considering how far they had to cut to remove a tennis ball sized tumor but also the displacement […]

The ‘your body is a barbell’ is clichéd but about bodyweight training. And you can leverage it anywhere. Like at the beach. Even the living room floor during ad breaks! A lot of people stop at basic bodyweight training: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, etc. but what about the world where we’re moving without being restricted […]

Being upside down does weird things to my post brain surgery balance. I have to look at the ground: you can see the over compensation in my neck and thoracic (upper) back here. My low back takes all the weight and strain. But I still want to be able to do handstands. I still try […]

People often ask me how we have so much energy. Not just the kid but as a family. I’m not sure it’s a question of energy though. Even in most of my clients cases, once the motivation and inspiration are installed, energy is merely how. Yesterday I skated Banzai Skatepark. I mean it’s a skatepark […]