If you’ve seen that episode of Portlandia, you’ll know it’s not just organic that matters when choosing a healthy restaurant; we want to know that the chicken’s name was Colin! But what are the best restaurants for easier Intervening and what specific things should you look for when ordering. In a nutshell, I’d always choose ‘farm to […]

Let’s say you’re hungry, and feeling like being good. You decide to eat a healthy balanced meal. Your dopamine levels will spike in all the right reward hot spots. You feel satisfied in more ways than full. What a sec, what’s dopamine? It’s the major currency of our body’s reward system. It’s an important chemical, […]

I’m not going to be talking about using apple cider vinegar as a facial toner, or for ‘no poo’ shampoo challenges, or for anything else for your hair and skin. Well, not directly. Personally, I think it smells funny and there’s one thing I love is nice smelling hair and skin, especially because both are so […]