This article appeared for Paleo on the Go Comfort foods are nostalgic or sentimental meals that are simple in preparation but often high in calories and carbs, with memories of better times. They’re something we reach for when we’re under the weather with a cold or stressed. The problem with comfort foods however is that […]

This article appeared for Paleo on the Go You’ve probably heard that simply breastfeeding sheds pregnancy weight. It’s all about the calories your baby is consuming on your behalf. Perhaps you’ve then heard that stopping breast feeding sheds more weight: your body no longer has to store additional estrogen to ensure your milk supply, specifically in […]

This article appeared for Paleo on the Go   Looking after mom’s diet is more than simply prenatal vitamins and eating for two. Put simply, the growth and development of your baby is directly affected by what you eat, especially through pregnancy and nursing. You are also effected what your baby eats because if you don’t provide […]