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Sleep training, best breastfeeding practices, first foods, well-visits to the pediatrician. We’re all going to go through them, and we’re all going to get through them. There are loads of books and sites, gurus, right ways, wrong ways. I’m not going there.

Instead, this is my journey from finding out I was 5months pregnant despite the ‘improbable but not impossible’ medical advice, to a fairly uneventful, physically active, healthy happy pregnancy, to a two month early delivery through to his due date in a NICU which was certainly not what anyone wants, and the first year of life with my boy.

This is about all my son has taught me about my own health and fitness: by joining him in his trials, milestones and antics, I learnt more about my body, getting ‘my body back’ and what to eat and not eat through feeling stuff, throwing more stuff and laughing (and crying) a lot.

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