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Strength is the foundation of movement and control. It’s where we get the biggest bangs for our buck. 

If not good at something, I’m on it. Because I actually can get better at it. All I need to do is to work at it.

Weaknesses are certainly harder to work at, but there’s a lot more discovery and growth. They take you the furthest and best of all they’re the things you’re most proud of in the end of the day. 

Which is why your weaknesses are your biggest bang for your buck. They’re the number one thing you need to work on your strength. Even if you are strong at something. In order to strengthen the whole chain, you just find the weak link—once you resolve that, the whole chain became stronger and you move to the next weak link. 

It’s humbling, frustrating and exciting to explore new realms of movement. But your body is an adaptation machine if you keep introducing progressive functional stress. And because our bodies are designed to move freely, that’s always the ultimate journey to keep working towards. 

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