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In 2019, just getting people moving is not enough. Humans evolve. Fitness has too. I feel like it’s my job to unearth that story in each of us.

I’ve never really understood why we insist on doing what everyone else is doing given we’re all different. If we do what everyone else is, what we think we should, what we hear is the latest corrective, class, fat burner workout, there’s a pretty hit-and-miss-chance we’ll get near what we need? Good enough for you? Not me!

Not only do we all have different personalities, different goals, and different styles, but physically, we all obviously have different appearances. Tall or short…curvy or lean and different genetic and cultural traits. It is not hard to “figure” out that we come in figures of all shapes and sizes. Just take a look around you! Everybody is different…and every BODY is DIFFERENT.

Even if everyone started eating the same things and did the same amount of exercise for a whole year, we would not all look the same at the end of the year. This is because each person’s genetic inheritance influences their bone structure, body size, shape, and weight differently.

Because it seems we’ve decided that the way we look or the numbers on a scale is our ‘ideal’. If there is such a thing or if it’s attainable maybe that’s more when you feel strongest and your most energetic and you lead a healthy, normal life. You are not too tired, too easily frustrated, too anxious or angry, and you have the energy to talk to your friends, participate in movement for its own sake to feel even better, and concentrate on your work.

My physical appearance does not define me or my ability to be my best self. Being skinny doesn’t mean I’m healthy. Having abs for a picture doesn’t make me fulfilled. Do your looks all resolve with how you look and numbers on a scale? Charts, formulas, and tables cannot dictate what’s ‘ideal’ for me.

Yet my physical ability has become a way for me to explore and experiment what I can do, unlimit my beliefs, set baselines for where I’m at and benchmarks for where I could go. Because my body’s structures are unique to me. My tissue quality. Coordination. Strength. My confidence. There is no one me-er than me! So it’s my job to look and listen to what I need, don’t you think?

Luckily I’ve also years of education, practice thru clients and ever increasing years practicing on myself! I always start with educating and layering progression (and regression if needed, esp with injury but also with restarts) to create more awareness. From there we can understand the principles and apply it to a process appropriate to each of us as unique as we are. It’s like storytelling for everyone I meet. And I love it.

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