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Our health is defined by an equation with ‘do less of this’ and ‘more of that’: ‘If I eat less and exercise more I will lose weight’. When the equation doesn’t balance, our health doesn’t either: it’s an approach about struggle and scarcity.

Our body prioritizes repairing and improving tissues that we use frequently. Conversely, anything we do not use will not be well maintained. It makes sense to change up what we’re currently doing don’t you think?

It’s time to move to a more productive conversation about health, the body, food, and movement, teaching ourselves that there is a different way, a way that cultivates and connects.

Our approach to exercise, movement, needs to be about ‘more’ and exploration: places you go rather than things you do, listening to your body and letting it teach you.

I’m not talking completely without a routine, though I do think it’s entirely possible to move better simply with any daily routine where you move each of your joints through all their ranges of motion under tension. It would give your body the stimulus it needs to maintain and improve your joints and sharpen your control over them rather than a rigid one of something you’ve always done.

But we’ve become good at finding the path of least resistance. We strengthen our strengths and neglect our weaknesses. We need both baseline and aesthetic goals, which we regularly test and aim for and we can progress and regress our standards towards our goals and not only meet there but aim higher, always improving our body rather than giving into degeneration and aging.

This is about putting your body first. It’s about learning what we don’t know, not just consolidating what we do. Our body is built to move correctly all the time, but instead of learning to move the way we were meant to move, we focus on ‘working out’ or ‘getting some exercise.’ We should be aiming our exercise and movement programs towards maximizing our movement potential by improving the way your brain talks to our body.

Three things you can do today to move better then more consistently:

– when you sit to watch tv tonight, sit instead on the floor. You’ll have to move (particularly your hips) throughout. Book, you’ve just added a mobility set into your day.

– commit to a daily movement routine. Pick three places you’re body feels tight, look to their opposite sides and google a mobility exercises for them (chances are you’re weak in these sides cos you’re right on the back. Stretching alone ain’t gonna do it for you, strength work night lead to injury first). Try stringing these together in a flow by using two interesting transition movements between. Repeat a few times daily!

– contact vanessa@fitbybature.com.au for some ideas.

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