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A body weight workout requires only you to workout, which by definition is what we’re doing right: working out how to move better? Maybe it’s negative, but if a workout isn’t mindfulness in movement, then it’s just ‘work’ which we all do enough of right?!

Personally I think we should all master lifting our own bodies in everyday movements and taking those to more challenging, if not athletic endeavors, if we’re interested. And before we lift weights.

Human nature has us wanting more and faster but in my experience that often means injury for a lot of us – me included recently carrying stuff for my mum in rain soaked muddy grass and slipping heel first into the splits before stopping myself so abruptly I tore my hammy.

The more you move of purpose, the better you do by accident. Not only because your body prioritizes repairing and improving tissues you use frequently (which sounds pretty anti aging to me!), but because if you do trip or even injure yourself, you’ll better be able to help your body help itself!

When you move (workout) mindfully, you’ll find bits that don’t move as well, parts that seem too easy to move, others that will surprise you in the strength they have. Whatever your strengths and weaknesses, it makes sense to move them all if your body’s gonna prioritize repair and improvement on what you move frequently!

But that’s where the key lies. Not just each exercise but how each feels to you. For each exercise, remember to find your own personal starting point. Modify and progress as needed. Injury CAN happen when we load sooner than our body can tolerate. Do you feel tightness, restriction, pain? Remember each sensation. If there is pain, back off the exercise or move slower. If there is restriction or tightness, come back to this exercise. Make a mental note and keep this exercise in your back pocket. While you might think you know, or don’t know, an exercise, remember it’s ALWAYS best to listen to your OWN body’s needs. The intention is function. So, let’s make this body as functional as possible and MOVE!

It’s about creating the space and freedom to enjoy something (living, more movement, anything you want to try!) even better.

Don’t know where to start? Join me in our next FREE online (instagram) challenge to #unlimityourself. I am currently under construction (what others call rehab) following hamstring strain. I’ll be going through a different movement pattern test each day to set our movement baseline. All we need do then in uplevel our baseline by working out, right?!

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