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We’ve all heard it’s not the destination but the journey. And it’s also not the day of the week, the state of ‘fitness’ for which we neither have a baseline nor end point (cos who wants to stop right?!) or a previous body weight to compare our current state of health to.

Starting where you are means adopting a new lifestyle, habits you’ll combine daily no matter how small, to move you into a new healthy version of you, no matter the day of the week, where your ‘fitness’ becomes a daily check with new goals and intentions as you realize your new capabilities and a weight that best suits your healthier body as you go.

So you’re starting Monday you say? Well that’s tomorrow. Are you ready. Whether you are or you aren’t just do it. As best you can. And if you’re in the USA, you’ve got another day right? Or commit and start with us! Just start. You can’t regret beginning!

Waiting for a certain level of fitness before starting is fraught with failure from the start. Cos where is the start? What’s your baseline? So many people have handstands, cartwheels or aerials, splits and backbends, but others might bawk at even getting to any of those ever. I think we should all start with movement pattern baselines. We’ll be doing these in our online training starting next up in July.

And starting when you’re a certain weight? If you do commit to a fitness program involving strength as you should, increasing your metabolic rate and heart health among other things, then you’ll thankfully gain muscle, and you’re body can better serve you. And muscle weighs more than other body matter, so getting fitter means somewhat denser if we’re talking body mass, and water weight and inflammatory weight cannot help but change. So your muscle vs water weights might even equalize each other and your ‘weight’ might not change yet you end up dropping dress sizes!

So start where you are. Do what you can. Use what you can. Just start. You won’t regret it.

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