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None of us would be where we are alone. Without our friends, family, collaborators, teachers, clients, opponents we really are just alone. And so is our knowledge, our experiences, our ability to grow: alone, unconnected, unuseful, unused.

1. No man is an island. Human beings necessarily depend on one another, and so does our learning: feedback, criticism, sharing, swapping, arguing, embracing knowledge.

2. It takes a village to raise a child. Bring the child back to the village or build your own. An entire community of people must interact with children (and each other) for everyone to experience and grow. We look out for each other

3. And friends just make you feel good. Even though I left so many friends behind in my travels at least I know I have friends all around the world. Friends for life

Moving countries is a great way to re-embrace the need to tie my life closer and closer to the culture around me – to practice, to exchange, to discover, to live together. I’m so excited about this next stage of my life – old friends, new friends, friends I don’t even know about yet!

Come join me?

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