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Your body prioritizes repairing and improving tissues that you use frequently.

Makes sense to try to move daily, with a whole body mobility in mind. Sure you’ll find bits that don’t move as well, others that seem too easy to move, they feel like a waste of time to spend the effort on. But if your body repairs and improves what you move consistently, makes sense to move it all!

And then it’s important to do it every day because you’re different every day.

Our body is built to move correctly all the time, yet we are more inclined to go to the gym for an hour of power then get back to our desk or Netflix binge. We’re teaching our bodies to move at full speed for an hour, then not at all?! Instead of learning to move the way we were meant to move, we focus on ‘working out’ or ‘getting some exercise.’ We should be aiming our exercise and movement programs towards maximizing our movement potential by improving the way our brain talks to our body: simply get brilliant at the basics.

Because our bodies eliminate mobility we don’t use. We bend move twist turn throughout life. If we lose our ability to twist our spine even just walking, we can increase force thru the knees and ankles and even end up with a stiff neck.

Daily mobility means learning how to safely keep our spine young.

Here’s a simple all body mobility flow to try for yourself. There’s no right or wrong, just start small and get as big as you feel you can without going too far ie your joint range of motion. With daily practice that range can only improve, within your needs and requirements as per how you use it:

What: Just do the biggest circles you can and get smaller if you need

Where: Neck. Scapula. Thoracic spine. Elbows. Wrists. Fingers. Lumbar spine. Knees. Kneecaps. Ankles. Toes.

How long: start with 3 each direction. How does that feel?

The more you move into positions on purpose the better you can handle them when you move there by accident.

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