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Clients’ first questions are often about how they can best nourish their exercise and nutrition. But what you feed your body is move than energy equations from physical inputs and outputs. We should intentionally feed our happiness.

Self care is such a bantered around topic of late and correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to involve setting aside a certain amount of time without interruptions.

And sure there are obligations and responsibilities in everyone’s life but it is possible to do self care, or what I feel is intentionally feeding my happiness, daily.

Because that way, your happiness is given the chance to grow stronger. Try these three techniques today:

– take stock

– climb your thoughts

– take yourself on a daily date

Take stock

Write down all the tasks you completed today, rating next to each how they made you feel on a happiness scale (1 being drained, 10 awesome) and a note about each. For instance my day started when I made my bed, a 5, because I’d already achieved and the day was only just starting. Then I finally got around to some mobility, 8, which I want to do earlier in the day so I feel this good earlier and longer tomorrow. Digging a hole at the beach with my son. 7. Ok this is not my idea of wow but we’d just unpacked our stuff delivered from moving from San Francisco and he’s pretty much in heaven or Christmas or everything about anything and it’s infectious! I like to surround myself with 7 people minimum too. And aim to be one myself as much of the time as I can.

Climb your thoughts

No doubt you’re as good as me at down spiraling a situation. Something happens and you see how it’s gonna affect everything else that day and there’s no way out. But equally plausible is climbing that thought up. So that the something that happened might not have been on your idea of getting ahead but instead you see it as a chance to rethink the day and set about a new plan and all that something enabled.

Fortunately we have on average 60k thoughts a day so there’s ample opportunities to practice. Over time the practice of being mindful and intentional in an uplifting way will become habitual.

Take yourself of a date

Each day set aside one thing that achieving will make you feel like you’ve achieved for you. Maybe it’s starting a new movement regime with a simple walk around the block, a craft project, booking a restaurant for whenever you can get in and making new plans around it, writing a letter to someone just for the fun of it, going to the local museum and learning something you never knew. Taking yourself out for a coffee at that new fancy cafe just because and just you just because. Anything!

This weekend we did some serious self care and did whatever we wanted without feeling guilty about it. What so ever. And salty hair, sun kissed skin, big sunnies with my fav mocktail was just my Saturday night.

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