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The more I understand about the human body and its ability to function optimally, the more I realise how important it is to feed my body water more optimal than tap water.

Water is the most important nutrient in our body. We’re about 70% water. Without water, our organs would lose their ability to purify and we would simply reabsorb all of our body’s toxins. Water is really our body’s (naturally) optimal detox.

But what about the quality of the water we’re drinking?

The need for safe drinking water devoid of antibiotics, bacteria and heavy metals is a given. But it’s not enough to remove what’s bad.

Then we fluoridate and chlorinate to make our water extra clean. However, adding extra salts will push the balance of our own body’s salts out of balance. If we think about distilled water in the body (water devoid of its minerals/electrolytes), your body must donate its own minerals (electrolytes) to be able to absorb and utilize it. So drinking distilled water STEALS minerals from your body’s own mineral reserves to process the distilled water, brining about multiple mineral deficiencies. The same goes for adding in extras like fluoride and chlorine: they displace other needed minerals and change the way our body’s function.

We’re healthy, and by healthy I’m mean hydrated, to the level of our cells. The requisite plumpness of each of our cells (and not just the collagen ones for our aesthetic anti aging needs!) determines the metabolic functioning of each cell and their relation to each other. A plump cell means the concentration both inside and out (mostly water but also the right balance of particular salts, namely calcium potassium sodium and magnesium) is in balance. These are what are displaced by fluoridation and chlorination. An unplump cell looks a lot like a raisin, dehydrated. Chemical reactions, wastes and communications cannot travel into and our of the cell well at all because the wrinkly surface makes it’s harder work for messages to move over hilly surfaces which could and should be smooth sleek and fast.

And that plumpness (or raisin-ness) affects every cell chemical reaction, all cells shape and sizes, and helps each cell regulate temperature. It helps to break waste and nutrients down in the cell so that they can be moved through the various membranes and natural filters in the body. And a lack of water affects the cell’s enzymes too. Water really is (especially, cell) life.

When it comes to drinking the most optimal water for your body it’s not just the cleanest, most sanitized or safest. If you want an optimally functioning body, the healthiest water you can drink is all in the balance.


Getting the right amount of water is also a must. Drinking too much will simply flush every nutrient and mineral out of your body as you pee constantly. The general formula is 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day or 0.03 for kg, not exceeding 3L and replacing diuretics like coffee, tea, soda and alcohol 1.5x their fluid quantity.

Then considering what you’re drinking with meals. Drinking too much water dilutes your stomach juices (affecting your food digestion). Yet drinking about 1/2 a cup is necessary to activate digestive enzymes, moisten foods and shuttle nutrients around your body.

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