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Valentine’s Day is all about loving others and being loved. But it’s also a good time of year to put the focus of you and loving your health.

Loving your health is something you can do every day. It doesn’t have to be a special time of year. This weekend I’m one sunrise away from grabbing three sunsets and sunrises for me. Not only am I delivering on my promise to myself to get a mobility flow in at each, I’m also technically getting three weekend days and it wasn’t even a holiday!

Ways to do something about your healthy daily:

⁃ it takes courage to say yes to rest and play. We think of exhaustion as a status symbol don’t you think? Got a date with some chill time for you planned today? Can you plan it in now?

⁃ Maybe you’re not sick, you’re thirsty? How much water have you drunk today? Go and have a sip now.

⁃ Don’t have time to eat healthy today? Research a healthy cafe near you and treat yourself in more ways than one

⁃ Got some movement planned today? If you haven’t time to get to the gym, maybe get up and down off the floor (no hands) during ad breaks in your tv watching tonight. And sit on the floor throughout. Make yourself keep moving instead of slumping.

⁃ At work now? Get up and stretch your calves, front of your thighs and open your shoulders. Often our bodies must feel as though we’re sitting even when we stand – reverse it!

Simply start with the basics before you supplement or go for the superfoods. A supplement is something to make up the whole, and super foods are only super if they’re adding to food you’re already getting right?

⁃ you’ve three opportunities to vote for your health each day. Start with the next meal and go from there. Even just one component and you’re stepping towards healthier

⁃ When you’re thirsty drink water. The best you can – see last blog for why I don’t drink tap water. Coffee, tea, juice, soda are not water. They’re the opposite and actually make you thirsty. Get enough water first before you look to medicate – you’re probably having to much of the other

⁃ First move well then move often. Daily. Hire someone to help you if you don’t know where to start but one place is always – where you’re stiff, stretch, where you’re weak, strengthen. And have fun doing it. It is. It’s not a chore. If it is, choose again.

⁃ Rest as hard as you play. And make sure you do both. Do more of what makes you feel alive and give yourself the time to reflect and recollect on what you’ve done. You might enjoy it.

You know when you’re sick or injured and you can’t do what you love? Your determination can be next to none for what you’ll do when you’re back. How good is that bowl of freshy made soup, a cup of warm broth, fresh fruit, salad, veggies? What about that fun run you’ll do, that fitness class you’ll take, that new healthy cafe you’ll try. Why can’t we do the same when we’re healthy and then uplevel?!

If you’re still not sure where to start sign up to register your interest for Fitbynature’s online coaching coming soon – bodyweight fundamentals you can tailor to you as simple as you would choosing dinner off your fave menu 🙂

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