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If we want a body that is always able to move, surely we should always move it?!

So much joint inflammatory care and prevention involves foods and food supplements but what about movements to nourish joints in the very ways we want them to work? And while so much of this area is aimed at older adults or pain relief, maybe no matter our age we should choose a joint menu for movement. 

There’s a realm of physical training that exists beyond fixating on sets, reps, weight lifted, and racing the clock to set new P.R.’s.  

Fitness is evolving quickly. Today’s baseline movement standards and practices are much higher than they were even 2 or 3 years ago. And then what is our highest standards today are only the lowest we could attain in the future? Taboo training methods such as rope climbing, moving odd-objects, locomotion, spinal waves and bodyweight-based training are now in the spotlight. Gymnastics strength training. Mixing traditional strength training with body-weight based exercise is a potent combination. Multi-planar strength and movement freedom.

Much like managing joint health, a movement based one requires a willingness to experiment, a certain amount of patience and a healthy dose of self awareness. A mirror, videoing yourself or hiring a movement pro will help you help yourself!

Handstands, leg-less rope climbing, ground-based movement flow training packed with locomotion patterns and bodyweight movement patterns are here. Our bodies are designed to move freely.  And freedom of movement is the backbone for movement – my backbone especially. 

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