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I can see (& know) I have significant asymmetry. Particularly between my left and right thoracic (ribcage) rotations in these pictures. And a lot of that is post brain surgery over my right cerebellum and right neck (considering how far they had to cut to remove a tennis ball sized tumor but also the displacement to my brain down my spine). I am also very much right hand dominant. These will only tighten as I age if I do not work on their mobility.

And as an exercise coach, I was taught and teach that the first predictor of future injury is previous injury. The second, asymmetry.

But is symmetry actually achievable?

⁃ One of our hips is anteriorly tipped and forwardly rotated, creating a rotation in the lower back towards the right hand side.

⁃ At the ribcage we have three lobes of lung on the right, two lobes on the left effecting the airflow between sides.

⁃ Just below we each have more of a domed diaphragm on the right, our liver is then underneath that. On the left we have a smaller, flatter dome compressed by the heart above!

These asymmetries, both spatial, mass and pressure, have widespread effects in our ability to control and enable airflow between sides of our lungs and the way we breathe!

Yes we make poor training and lifestyle decisions and choices, dysfunction occurs and the bodies homeostasis becomes shaken, normal is no longer normal. Even exercise coaches! As a result, opposing muscles can become chronically lengthened and neurologically weak as their impact on position and posture changes. But that seems to point to the fact that I need to contact my neurosurgeon to know how I can improve how to move and prevent injury!

Rather, you can and should do this yourself. Use your body’s mobility as an anchor, a framework to have sense of familiarity with your body. Explore left and right rotations, extension, flexion, anything-ion! And daily. You’ll know your asymmetries. Some will be your strengths, others clear signs of weakness.

No one can do it for you really, but you can do it better than anyone else.

(And Fitbynature can help of course for those first few steps in seeing how you’re really moving, as you should, as you could, so you can go forward and kick ass from there!).

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