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Eating well is my baseline. It’s one of the ways I know I am nourishing my body into the knowledge all is ok. 
I think our body tells us just how this nourishing is coming along. This isn’t like full gossip sessions over too many wines kinda thing but definitely conversations of symptoms both daily, acute and chronic. You know what I’m saying. Tired. Hungry. Craving. Bloated. Nauseated. Satiated. Salivating. It also tells us through stress: stress comes into our body in so many forms but on the inside it’s all the same to our body. And when there’s too much, something’s gotta give. 
So we gotta listen to our body. This is our health and wellness journey in a nutshell. Unless you’re allergic to nuts. Then it’s just in as few words as possible. 
Because whether it’s as few words or few ingredients or few steps it’s simplicity and making the smallest steps with the greatest impact that gets you there. 

Wherever you are on your health & wellness journey, the ‘next step’ could be as simple as cutting out sugar or eating more greens. So often clients go the all or nothing approach and their bodies are just not ready for such huge changes, no matter how healthy. With small inspired steps, you’ll soon look back and see that you have those habits on autopilot. 

Start simply with one meal, even one ingredient, maybe not slacking off and trying harder, recording what you eat, getting a friend to be accountable with, getting inspired on Youtube, or hiring the help you need. 

Whatever you do, try and stay forever learning and a student of health for life!

Ways to uplevel your nourishment

Write answers to these prompts:

1. Where are you now?

Do you have much sugar?

Do you have grains/gluten/dairy? 

Do you eat out or have fast food? 

How frequently do you eat?

How do you feel after you eat, energized, bloated, is something not quite right? Is eating how you think you should hard to stick to? Any cravings

2. What is the next step you could make to up-level your nourishment?

Pick just one. Try it. Feel how you feel. Hungry? Bloated? Satisfied? Thirsty? 

For instance, eat less processed food or no packaged ones, think in terms of nourishment rather than calories, eliminate grains, see a naturopath to screen your gut flora or hire a health & wellness coach to guide and tailor a program for you.

You know your body better than anyone. Now you know you can, what will you do to uplevel your nourishment today? 

Join Fitbynature on our seasonal Sugar Intervention to uplevel alongside like minded peeps. It’s really a mini nutrition course disguised as a sugar detox because we all know we’re over carbed. Start ‘Back to Basics’, get into ‘The Skinny on Fats’ or maybe get some ‘Digestive Strengthening’. PM for details. 

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