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Why do we stop dreaming and being ambitious? Too risky as adults? Can we really change? I hope so.

I remember thinking as a kid, my life is full of my biggest dreams. Each day was dedicated to just having fun and in the mix, fulfilling those dreams step by step along the way. 

But why do we stop? Bettering yourself, whether your body, mind or spirit, isn’t reserved for one time in your life. I’m still working on my splits, backbend, skateboarding, surfing, writing, foreign language skills. I never want to stop. 

But what if we could ask ourselves ‘what do you want to be when you grown up’ every day of our life? 

Well I think we can do just that. And here’s why:

– I feel I owe it to myself. That may sound selfish but it’s not. I’ve got to follow my heart before I can effectively help someone else follow theirs.

– I love achievement. It feels amazing.

– I want to be the best I can be. My goal has always been to build an amazing business. And family too, which is really just personal business. 

– I constantly crave new experiences and wisdom.

– Most importantly, I have a dream. I have goals so I know where I want to be and I have confidence that I will get there.

If you go thru life with a great eye in which you’re constantly developing, the dedication to move forward even when it’s tough, an unbiased mind that is open to change and new ideas, and a mouth that’s not afraid to speak up for what is right (but knows when to bite it’s tongue and admit that it’s wrong… something I’ll work on for the rest of my life)… Even with just one of these traits, or a few, or just working on one or a few, you’ll better yourself. 

Are you open to change? Comment below some ideas of how you think we all could in 2019.

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