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Being upside down does weird things to my post brain surgery balance. I have to look at the ground: you can see the over compensation in my neck and thoracic (upper) back here. My low back takes all the weight and strain.

But I still want to be able to do handstands. I still try to do them, a zillion sloppy handstands, I can be stubborn!

So I made a new goal: of just being good at the foundations of groundwork and flow… I’m still not sensational at them yet but now I’m getting more comfortable on my hands and upside down because I:

1. Adjusted my current goal, and let it lead me to the next:

And even more important, I’m appreciative of where I’m at the moment. The more I move, the more I have a new current goal.

Tip: Play with your wrist strength and feel how your back and hips move as you invert. Begin with just putting your hands in the sand at the beach and do some donkey kicks.

2. I try to have a clear picture of where I’m at, and my why:

Why do I want to do a handstand. Because I can’t! And life is about now, more so in motherhood than ever. And I want to be with my boy where he is. Why physically is a lot of jumping screaming running and you guessed it handstands.

Tip: try taking taking small steps up the wall to a height even minuscule you feel ok. Start with your back to the wall, put your hands on the floor, look back (or down if you’re me!) and go.

Which leads me to my next step…

3. Create daily habits:

I’ve been told it takes 1,000 reps for a movement to be able to be performed on command by the brain. 10,000 reps for it to be an automatic response.

So I’ve got lots of reps to do I hear you say? Nah, I’ve got lots of time right now. May as well use it!

Once you create the habit your body will run on autopilot. Full disclosure: I can’t go more than a couple days without working out or doing my mobility flows. Perhaps because I’ve always made them a daily habit. In fact even on days I don’t feel like doing anything at all I do something, anything! Even if that means turning up the music and dancing. And luckily my boy loves to dance too!

Tip: try what you want to be able to do daily! #handstandeverydamnday

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