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The ‘your body is a barbell’ is clichéd but about bodyweight training. And you can leverage it anywhere. Like at the beach. Even the living room floor during ad breaks!

A lot of people stop at basic bodyweight training: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, etc. but what about the world where we’re moving without being restricted to reps and sets and time: twisting, turning, reaching, pulling, pushing, shifting, flowing.

While lizard crawling is the ultimate ‘crawl’ in the movement world, I’m a big proponent of getting brilliant at the basics. Yes, this is similar to the crawling we do as infants. Funny how we (need to) regress back to our earliest forms of movement as a reset later in life.

‘Just’ crawling is not by any means easy. It trains the body to handle unique body positions, transitions and upper extremity loading. It’s tough on wrists which we don’t train enough and it’s just gold for core activation.

The ability to handle your body while performing uncommon movement tasks (like crawling) beyond standing and walking gives quality to your years.

– the most important tip is to find neural spine (look in a mirror by going too high and low in cat & camel yoga moves) then do everything you can to not move it whilst crawling

– oh, and relax your neck. Your using your arms and legs, not your neck!

Oh, and it’s fun. Especially when your toddler wants to race you. Omg, try crawling fast! My legs!!!!!

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