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Today I am celebrating just how far I’ve come.

On nov 4 2010 I had a brain tumor. A tennis ball sized one. It’s kinda a big deal to have something like that growing inside you you were unaware of, but also taken out of your brain. And to keep on living like nothing is any different. (Except for getting it checked and stress over it each year but that another story.) For now, it’s stopped. And it makes me more than grateful for all I have and can do.

As fate would have it surgery was 4 nov, which is the same day as the Nyc Marathon.

The same Nyc marathon I’d qualified to compete in October 2010 for November 2011, just three weeks before surgery. I told my neurosurgeon I’d be doing it the following year moments after surgery.

When my recovery was on track I began training. More miles, more sprints, more running shoes, more massages, more yoga. I did that marathon nov 4 2011. In 3.34. My neurosurgeon still keeps a photo of my hub and I crossing that finishing line.

We did it again in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 I did a marathon of surfing in Nicaragua.

And the last three with my son Lachie have been a different type of marathon altogether, but likewise made up of tiny things that come together. Like each km your watch beats; moving to Chicago, his birth, his milestones, moving back to San Francisco. I think I love most that I started bouldering with him at the base of the climb in my hubs arms when he was just four months old (and now he’s 3 I’ve just climbed my first v6!).

It’s hard not to just look at today, the survival day, the finishing line, as all there is. But it’s not until I look back on all the things that I’ve achieved that I realize exactly how far I’ve come: living in USA for six years, running my business in nutrition and fitness both online and in person, having a baby (oh yeah that biggy!), skiing and surfing so many places I’ve only ever dreamed of visiting. Oh and learning to skateboard and drop in this year!

After years of surviving when no one thought I would, I see my body isn’t broken after all. It’s still moving and grooving and keeping up with my three year old, so I’m calling that winning at life.

So how am I spending this nov 4? Sitting on top of a mountain I love, surrounded by people I love, watching the sun set, about to embark on another huge adventure.

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