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When your life is based around movement, in your body’s ability to change with change, to go with the flow, create your own flow in mobility and strength, and maybe inspire others while you’re doing all that, it makes sense to share my biggest move yet: back home.

I’ve said this to friends who were ‘but surely moving to the USA was your biggest move?’ And sure, I moved to the USA a year after life saving brain surgery. It was stressful, I even bought my apartment I’d lived in in Australia for the last eight years literally 5 hours before getting on that plane! My life was in flux and I was all go with the adventure. I was even mid-training for the Nyc marathon. I just changed run routes, sprint tracks and yoga classes and seamlessly kept on.

Even two and a half years after living in San Francisco, we moved to Chicago, in February, in -17f/-30c. When our last box was unloaded and we decided to go get brunch, my waters broke, 9 weeks early and Lachie was born the next day. Fast forward another two years and we moved back to San Francisco for yet another two years, a common cycle it seems!

And now my hub has taken all his great work in USA and found his dream job back in Australia. We’re on our way home, complete with our dream off the plane pretty much intact to the letter. It was what we decided we wanted to be doing and wanted our life be like (albeit the miraculous child!).

Suffice to say I’m getting the knack of this moving thing. Sorting, culling, letting go of things, rebuilding, renesting, rescheduling our days. In each place I’ve moved I’ve added new friends, starting with a local park, cafe, even the hospital where Lachie was born and all the wondrous nurses we came to know and love as our friends. Each place welcomed us and provided the sense of community and belonging I’ve felt in my own home in Australia.

Things have been stressful but I’ve found the more I move my body, the more I feel capable of dealing with change, and now specifically the big move itself. Not just in the feeling of having achieved something for myself by completing a workout, still adhering to my daily meditation and finding the most satiating best sourced foods each day, albeit not even in my home town anymore. We are now loving a week respite before embarking back home in Australia in beautiful Hawaii. Getting our daily dose of vitamin d, soaking surfing and sand castling in the sea, and time together just as a family and seeing that no matter what changes around us so often that we have and I hope always will have each other wherever we turn. I couldn’t be more grateful.

There’s so many parallels between body movement and physically moving countries. Flexibility: around decisions, letting go of physical and mental stuff. Strength: in remaining true to myself, my family and our dreams amidst all that must happen in this move, and our way. Mobility: in having both the flexibility and strength at the same time! Mindset: staying true to our dream, amidst outcomes outside our control and turning apparent failure into feedback. And Gratitude at the top: for the flexibility strength mobility and mindset capabilities to embark on all this, on our dream in the first place and now seeing it thru.

Now one chapter is about to close and blossom into a whole new chapter. And I feel it’s the biggest move yet. Firstly, home is a house with a heart. I would not have stayed in San Francisco if I hadn’t made my home there. As the song says so long ago, I’m leaving my heart in San Francisco…especially in Marin County hehe.

And then it’s about letting go. When you let go of things you really can’t control, freedom is born. It’s liberating to be honest and as a result feel happier and more content than ever.

And lastly, when you’ve achieved your dream, our dream off the plane as we have called it, it’s time to dream again. It’s time to step up again and look to where we want to be. Which is unending really. I want everything and I will go get that. Which is why this is my biggest move yet.

I’m leaving a life I have loved; I’m moving into a life I will love. And right now I’m trying not to move all that much and to sit and dream just where I’ll go.

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