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If meditation is understanding the mind then movement is understanding the body.

Even simply walking you can feel how your big toe reaches for the ground, your foot rolls through to your heel. As you lift a leg you can feel it’s quad engage, and the opposite glute (very important for getting a gluteus minimums, sorry my mums joke in defiance she has a maximus anything related to her butt haha!). Your hips are held stable by rock solid core and spine, in turn stabilizing your ribs as they breath and move in and out in completely different directions to your walking motion. Your arms counter nutate with their opposite legs and your neck holds all that weight of your head steady and strong as you smile your cheeks off enjoying this ability we so take for granted!
My purpose for working-out is strengthening, connection and shifting energy not exercising just to get it done, frustration and giving all my energy away. Move-out don’t work-out and you’ll find a habit you (and your body) actually like. 
Move into each movement, simple or complex, and find the connections through your body as a whole. In climbing and bouldering for instance, our hands only pull us to the wall; the movement is propelled upwards from our toes and butt. In our beach move-out today, we trained barefoot, and whilst step jumping onto a bench and driving our knee upward as we jumped yet again, the feeling of returning our whole foot to its full use in both driving and landing is eye opening. The first few I found myself landing on the outside on my right foot, over balancing a little. Using my arms in opposition to my legs gave me greater balance, rhythm and drive.
Even sitting reading this right now, how far forward is your head reaching, your eyes lowering to read, your shoulders slumping and coming together to bring your hands in to hold and scroll this phone. Just looking up you can feel your body straighten. Now sit on the edge of your chair on your sitting bones (apt name right?!), and without letting go of the phone, roll your shoulders down and back and push your chin back to aligned your head a bit further back. You’ve just moved to understand your body a bit better. Congrats.
Like meditation, we can observe our body openly and honestly, through movement. We can find a freer sense of ease and develop empathy for ourselves (and others around us) to create a greater sense of connection
I’m humbled by this body. It’s not just the skin sac that keeps all my bits together. It’s my frickn body and look what it allows me to do. 

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