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A lot of the time we take our body for granted. It’s just taking us thru each day and we don’t pay attention until something’s wrong or hurt or we get an injury. Look down at your knees and realize the hips above and the ankles below carry us around all day. So they’re probably something we gotta be appreciative for on a daily basis not just when something goes wrong.

This week I experienced my first climbing injury. Ever.

I went thru the range of emotions. Of course the usual ones anger, sadness, disappointment… but then something unexpected happened, I felt happy.

Happy in the realization that I’d achieved my goals climbing a V6, dropping in at the skatepark. How come we forget to celebrate stuff like that?!

Happy that new goals and adventures are ahead. So what can i do with a cast? Running. That’s right I love running! I’ve run three nyc marathons to celebrate getting my life back and how far I’ve come. Sounds perfect for now, no? I’ve managed to run twice already this week, once from Ocean Beach over the Golden Gate bridge home another thru the beautiful trails of mt tam. Not a bad second option!

And happy that I got to see a great doctor. Here in Marin, so close to the home of ski-bumming and Tahoe, and then also the home of mountain biking, she recognized my injury immediately. On the X-ray she saw the fracture – astounded my ligament was so strong it had actually broken the bone off my thumb instead of snapping. She said while I was getting away from quite a long recovery I wasn’t getting away without a cast. She then took the extra care to set my cast, in pink, and glitter, both of which Lachie is particularly happy with: ‘mummy, your hand looks so pretty!’. Deal = sealed.

Three things we can all easily take for granted are breathing, appreciating, and our ability to move this body moving you all week long. And we all know, if not family-wise, there are certainly others who don’t have this ability. But when do you ever stop to appreciate and focus: that everything I do have right now I get to move into. Our bodies are moving for us on a daily basis so focusing on what we do have, what you do have, is going to keep you moving. You’re so fortunate to have your body. Let’s not take it for granted.


– write three things you’re grateful for about your body each day this week. Post your most grateful in the comments

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