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You don’t stop playing cos you grow old, you grow old cos you stop playing.

Imagine if we all replaced the word ‘exercise’ with ‘play’. You’d do it every day!
I do. I love to climb and skate. Slack line and surf. Trail run. Ride bikes. Play tennis. Sup. And that was just this weekend.
I love to move my body. I love moving it around itself. Feeling how it works, and doesn’t. I love working out how my joints should work, if they feel the same or different each side. And suddenly half and hour or a whole hour has passed just playing around. No gym. No reps or sets. Just moving. Play, exercise, mobility, moving: it’s what you make it. Finding what your body needs is key.

And most of us know what our body needs. We eat our vegetables, meditate (or if you’re like me at least try), get good sleep (again I try!) but exercise, probably the most important habit change anyone can make, still leaves most people struggling with making it a lasting habit.

The solution is to replace the ‘exercise’ habit with play. Think about kids: they don’t care about what they “should” do … all they want to do is have fun. And so they play. Building sand castles and tunnel slides really are fun at any age!

That’s why I’m never stopping playing. It’s in my dna and part of who I am as a person and my happiness. Don’t move it to avoid losing it, move it to move more!
Never stop playing, never stop (and get old).

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