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It’s a year since last years comp. I loved it. It took me to greater heights (excise the pun) in bouldering than I’d ever thought possible. By the time results were out my previous bests of v4 were superseded to not one but three v5s in the comp.
So it only follows I want more this year. V6! But even trying to start them, get off the floor even eeek. It’s freaking hard. But bouldering and in a comp where v grades are replaced with numbers 1-80, I love taking out preempting my ability and instead taking ‘I might’ to the wall.
We live in a world constantly telling us we’re not good enough. Heck I even tell myself. So I’m telling myself I might be. And today I surpassed my own expectations. I tried harder than I thought I would. Nearly 10 numbers higher! Warmed up on a 2,12,16. I looked around and thought I’ll try to get in the 40s. Then just tried a 36, 48 then 49 (no go), 44, 35, 47 (no go) 36, 43. Most of my best climbs were on the second page for scoring and flashed first go (you get less points for making it up to a fifth attempt). Pretty much stoked to the max right now.
And while rushing to leave for my son’s nap, wondering if I could’ve done more, I feel I liked the pressure to finish and get out what I could in the time i had. (And I’ve just had a nap too!).
The raw rarrrrr of competing with other chicks and not preempting your ability and just taking it to the wall. Whoa. Look at all I am. And that goes for you too, you’re more than enough. You’re unique, you’re incredible. Own it.
I want to inspire other women to be strong mind body and spirit no matter their life stage, age or where they’ve been. Just where they’re going. And I’m starting out coaching myself the same way.
Oh and until comp results release next week, I actually have no idea what grades I climbed today. I’m feeling V6. Don’t you think?!
note: while these pics weren’t the hardest climb I did it was immediately after! And you can see in the first pic there’s an almost horizontal yellow piece and a grey bit below that on the left. You have to run and jump for it by jumping off the grey one. But then you have to jump both hands to the first yellow trunk kinda one. Scary. And exhilarating. Haven’t dyno-ed in years!

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