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To start, an article advising quick tips for breakfast should be a quick read right? So I’ll keep it simple and get to the facts.


Breakfast is one of the biggest challenges that people struggle with when they go Paleo. No oatmeal? No granola? No toast? Nope, and there’s a good reason behind eliminating those grains. The truth is starting the morning with grains could set you up for a blood sugar roller coaster for the entire day resulting in ill fated moods, concentration nightmares, cravings, energy slumps, and the emergence of a “hangry” monster you didn’t know existed.


Breakfast is the first meal we consume after having fasted through the night and it’s the one chance we have to pack in energy and nutrients to start the day on the right foot. It’s a break in that fast. Paleo is about giving your body a break from processed foods. Paleo breakfast really is the meal of champions. Breakfast should also be pleasurable. Pleasure is perhaps the biggest nutrient missing from our plates, especially at breakfast when we’re too rushed to think about food. To be honest, rushing is a digestion nightmare on it’s own because your brain needs to be relaxed to trigger it in the first place. Many people choose to go Paleo to better their health and often their plan starts at breakfast but remember that the best breakfast is the one you can digest.

A fast paleo breakfast is simple, thanks to this nifty list of pointers put together by our writers here at Paleo on the Go.5 TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL, FAST PALEO BREAKFAST ON THE GO

In our current active lifestyles, there is a possibility that breakfast can be fast and good for you. So here’s 5 quick tips:


  1. Make it Painless. Paleo breakfast ideas are the first thing everyone looks for after starting Paleo. Make it painless by planning out your breakfasts for the weekdays, Monday-Friday at least.


  1. Make It Ahead of Time. If you can find some time, try cooking some quick breakfasts and freezing them. That way you can just thaw, eat and go. Or take it with you.
  • Breakfast frittata muffins are great on the go breakfast snacks packed with protein and fat when they’re made the Paleo way.
  • Try keeping a few extra Paleo on the Go meals in your freezer as a powerful strategy for sticking with your dietary priorities when life tries to get in the way


  1. Make Enough for Leftovers. Leftovers shouldn’t be the things you dread. You’re more creative than you give yourself credit for. So, make enough to have leftovers and make something creative with the leftovers.
  1. Last night’s stir fry is a complete breakfast with an omelet cut into strips Asian style, served with coconut aminos as a soy sauce alternative.
  2. Leftover sweet potato slices are great slider ‘buns’ for a breaky burger
  3. Leftover root vegetables like beets and carrots are great the next day in pancakes.  Hold the garlic if that’s your plan.


  1. Make it Simple. Breakfast doesn’t need to be elaborate to be healthy and tasty at once.
  • Poach some eggs over a salad
  • Bacon and eggs can be as simple as it gets.
  • Breaky beet bowl is one of my personal favorites.
  • Apple cinnamon or strawberry tarts are simple too and they take minimal prep. Plus, you can take them on the go with you. Just remember to slow down enough to digest the yummy food you’re taking with you properly.


  1. Don’t Let Brain Fog Takeover – Sometimes in the morning it’s too easy to stand foggy-headed in front of the fridge thinking there is nothing to eat, or that there’s no time to cook.  Hopefully, the breakfast ideas above will save you on those days. Or just have a few pancakes on hand. That’s always a great option right?  You can mix these with fruit, protein and fat.