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This post appeared here for Paleo on the Go

Ok so, unfortunately there’s not just one solution to solve all tantrums. But there’s one problem you can definitely cross off the list by using a simple solution: the typical toddler diet.



When we look at the effects of typical toddler diets high in sugar, anti-nutrient containing foods, chemicals and GMOs, it’s no wonder kids have sky rocketing problems with learning, attention, anxiety, depression, sensory processing, emotion and mood.

Getting your toddler off the chemical and sugar roller coaster, or better yet, not starting them on it, can be one of the best parenting solutions for tantrums. Research shows some newborns are born with as many as 200 chemicals already in their little bodies. That’s a lot to start. Not to mention, the presence of arsenic and GMOs in a number of baby food products. The one thing parents have complete control over is the food our growing babies receive. Simply, here’s the straightforward relationship: food affects feelings and feelings affect behavior. Changing a child’s food can alter mood and attitude.


Avoid refined flour and sweeteners as well as all carb meals and snacks. Regularly including protein and veggies can help a child focus, lower blood sugar levels, eliminate mood swings and defuse rage. The latter is especially important in young toddlers who can’t express their emotions well, which leads to tantrums.


Sugar isn’t just sugar. Commonly consumed carbs like refined grains and beans particularly, are hard to digest and can block the digestive tract, which stresses little bodies and causes blood sugar responses to the stress. Instead focusing on wise carbs: leafy greens, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits as your main source of carbohydrates as they pack great nutrition and fiber but don’t spike your blood sugar.


Going too long without food can negatively affect hormones and brain chemicals. Though it’s best to avoid grazing constantly, children need meals more frequently. Children should have regular snack intervals, typically every three hours, to keep energy even and minds alert. Snacking reduces incidence of tantrums.

However, snacking doesn’t mean treats and processed foods, which are generally refined flour and processed sugar. Along with sodas and missed meals, they activate the worst of what sugar sensitivity sets up. The drop in blood sugar can lead to a meltdown. Mini meals are best made of animal protein, fat and wise carbs. Here’s a few examples:

  • Beef snack sticks. Pemmican (meat based power bar) and pepperoni. Source and processing is everything!
  • Pre soaked homemade nut butters and apples and celery
  • Raw cheese chunks
  • Raw cottage cheese and diced fruit or peas and diced chicken
  • Deviled eggs
  • Apple walnut chickens and avocado salad.
  • Juice is just an illusion of healthfulness; it’s basically liquid candy. Even organic juice is still mostly sugar, lacking fiber, enzymes and nutrients of whole fruits.

Part of your baby’s burgeoning independence is learning about himself, his personality, his likes and dislikes including food and things related to feeding. Instead, a diet based on Paleo real food values means your toddlers are more likely to have better dispositions and less likely to have excessive mood swings and behavioral outburst. You’ll fight tantrums by removing things he doesn’t need and instead give him things his body is thriving to explore so he can channel his independence in a different direction.

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