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Last year I celebrated 5 years clear from brain tumor. I also celebrated the birth of my miracle son, albeit two months early. If there was a sentence to describe last year it would be 2015: the year of survival.

Yesterday, my son celebrated his first birthday. I don’t deny the awesomeness of medical knowledge and technology saving both our lives, but I do attribute our health to the power of real food.

Ok, maybe there’s a load of luck in there:

  • my surgery alone was successful; no oncology thank goodness
  • my son was two months early, but just small – 4pounds was pretty big for a preemie – so he was just in the NICU for growing
  • I am still able to provide him breast milk a year on, which I pump every three hours, night and day – yup even on long haul flights to Australia and back over Christmas J. It’s a real food gift that my body will still make it for him, despite his delayed suckle development and not physically breastfeeding.

I love sharing my story of real food, of my brain tumor survival to the point of healing. Sure, there might be a lot of luck in there but real food sure affords more controlled luck at that! I enjoy sharing my story then of healing to the point of growing. Oh, and he’s very handsome.

If there was a sentence to describe this year it would be 2016: the year of thrival. And I’m excited to share that story now.


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