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You probably know the three macronutrients: carbs, fats, and proteins. But I think their importance lies in that order and we need to make sure they’re all in each meal. Not only does one help the other digest and assimilate nutrients your body needs but each has a role to play in building your body.

· Fats have been the (erroneous) devils of our diet for the last 30years
and we need to bring them back, alongside improving our ability to digest them. They’re what we make every membrane in our body out
of, which goes on to make every cell (and chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters), tissue, organ and system. You’re brain is 70% fat and your heart’s major fuel is fat. We need fat! And I’m talking healthy fats here.

  • ·  Proteins are our building blocks for muscle and other tissues, and they work alongside fats. In fact you’ll notice they occur together in nature: this is one of the key things to look for when sourcing whole foods – they’re as close to how they occur in nature and this is how we need to eat them. I’m talking eggs for instance, and not only on Sundays, and heaven forbid, not just the whites. And also the quality of your meats and serving them with the fats they come with. When you see produce this way, getting them from a good source, pastured and organic, you see the importance of knowing their quality, especially the fats as they’re where we store our nutrients but also where we store our toxins – and this is where the animals we’re eating do too.
  • ·  Lastly are carbs, perhaps the biggest swear word in nutrition at the moment, and perhaps you’ll think for the Sugar Intervention. But we need lots of these, in the form of green leafy veggies, and as many di erent kinds as we can, and limiting the more sugary versions, like starches, perhaps to once a week like we’re doing with our fruits.

    I start planning each meal with the veggies I’m going to have, then the fats I’ll use to cook and serve them, like butter or coconut oil, and perhaps how I’ll dress them, like olive, avocado or macadamia oil, and nally the side of protein I’ll add at the end.

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