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The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) founded the Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador program in 2012 with a vision of galvanizing an already growing global foodie community into a movement with purpose. That purpose is to keep cooking skills alive. The aim of the program is to build a powerful movement where our collective voice can bring about positive change to reduce the impact of diet-related disease in current and future generations around the world. This manifesto is your guide to how you can become an ambassador, driving positive change for the global food revolution.

Ways you can get involved:

  • like us on facebook, instagram, twitter, fitbynature.org for updates for upcoming events like our HealthyFoodWeek and What’sinSeason
  • put up your Sugar Intervention pics of recipes you and your family are trying (and hopefully liking :)) and #FoodRevLoves.
  • look out for or support in advance the upcoming book Eating Well is Simple – with a kickstarter like platform we’re hoping to print a real life book because recipes are so much nicer in your hands, as is real food in real time!

The Ambassador program exists to:

  • GIVE you a unique opportunity to join a global food movement
  • PROVIDE a campaigning platform for better food knowledge and cooking skills
  • MAKE as much noise as possible to raise awareness about the impact of diet-related disease and the importance of food education
  • CONNECT individuals and communities locally and internationally to achieve sustainable change
  • SUPPORT fundraising initiatives and events that sustain and grow food education awareness and programs

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