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Sugar Intervention: July 2015

Sugar Intervention: July 2015

SuperMamaFood is a realfood eating plan supporting super mamas through ancient dietary wisdom. And it’s just for just two weeks.


A lot of us mamas are already depleted leading up to conception and pregnancy time let alone after birth. It’s not just because being a parent is hard—physically, the process of growing a baby exacts a significant toll. The placenta passes nearly 7 grams of fat a day to the growing baby at the end of the pregnancy term, while also tapping into the mom’s “iron, zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9, iodine, and selenium stores—along with omega 3 fats like DHA and specific amino acids from proteins. On average, a mom’s brain shrinks 5% in the prenatal period, as it supports the growth of the baby (much of the brain is fat) and is re-engineered for parenthood. No wonder we experience baby brain – ours has been lovingly depleted!

Deficiency —hormonally, nutritionally, and emotionally—logically requires sufficiency to get mamas back on our feet after their baby comes, however much afterward that might be.


SuperMamaFood is:


  1. A realfood-based program where we can reset our healthy in a big way in only two weeks. It’s designed to eliminate or reduce cravings for (simple and refined) carbs while also nourishing the nutrient needs women require in the realm of vitamins, minerals and ever present need for balance to keep their body vibrant and at its peak
  2. A look at reincorporating ancient dietary wisdom such as natural healthy fats as a good source of energy your body can’t efficiently use when you’re eating a steady stream of cardboard-hydrates. Leafy greens are not only greatly missing from our meals but are a carbohydrate storehouse complete with nutrients! Chances are we’re nutrient not calorie deficient and we can that get back.
  3. When we start eating real foods and stop fearing things like natural healthy fats, our body balances its hormones, relearns not only how to burn fat you eat (and any you’ve stored for later!) but most importantly how to digest it.


Note: This is just two weeks. It is however safe enough to continue indefinitely. It is not extremist, fad, fashion, on trend, nor exclusionary of entire food groups. Rather SuperMamaFood seeks to understand the reason behind and consider the sourcing and processing of real food.

SuperMamaFood is not a one size fits all diet, rather is a chance for each of us to see what ‘diet’ works. It’s about getting to know how we feel when we eat and what is happening in our body at a biochemical and cellular level.


How it works:

  1. You will receive a Starter Pack as well as Recipes to get you started on initiation
  2. Each day for the duration of two weeks you will receive an email newsletter with information about sugar in your body, tips, tricks and daily meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a treat (every meal should really be a treat!)
  3. Each day you will respond with an email, a food diary from a template in your starter pack. You can list what you ate and when, how you felt when eating, when and how you slept, how much water you drank and how much of your food was whole vs processed. If we just get processed food out of our diet, health comes a long way


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