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Ice cream sandwiches – can you have just the one?! Image links to recipe 🙂

How do you know how much to eat? Do you just limit portions to one plate or even a smaller plate? Do you just keep going until you’re full up? When did fullness become the standard for satiation?

Each season we intervene our sugar, a wholefood eating plan disguised as a sugar detox. It’s about eliminating convenience packaged and processed foods, what comes in a box for what comes from the earth, things that have no ingredients, as they are ingredients.

Processed foods are high calorie low nutrient density foods, so they encourage us to eat more in order to feel ‘full’ or ‘satisfied’ if indeed they ever do. Most of the time they leave you wanting more, and if you’ve satisfied a salty craving you’re probably now reaching for something sweet to balance things out. High nutrient high calorie foods more satisfying so tend to eat less, and feel more satisfied.

Then there’s rethinking our meals. With a bit more meal planning than usual, we can set clear lines of what to eat and what to avoid, being more self aware of how you will reach for less than ideal choices for lunch and treats throughout the day.


It’s really about mixing things up with new recipes so we can’t always just eat our go tos, and in avoiding sugar, filling up first on what we need then later on what we want if there’s room. The best principle is 40:30:30 (carbs: fats: proteins) and like the Sugar Intervention, this is just a start; you need to work out how best you feel. I’m more of a 40: 40: 20, but that’s with all my brain healing and baby building.


Here’s some links that can help you fine tune both your nutrient needs and your feelings.



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