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Pick the pastured vs caged egg

Pick the pastured vs caged egg: think what they’re made of (grass, insects, sunlight or grain, crowded unhappiness and no light). Which would you prefer to make your new skin, eyeball, fingernail with?

I have quite literally eaten my way to good health! I changed my diet by quitting all processed foods, all grains, sugar and I try to manage his other cousin, namely stress, daily.

Why? Because of my health problems. But also because food isn’t just food anymore.

There is so much confusion with the enormous amount of food information out there. We hear the words low fat, lean, diet, enriched, processed, natural, organic, allergy free all associated with food. Grocery store aisles have become a maze of phrases: ‘low-fat’, ‘protein-fortified’, ‘high-fructose’ and various grades of ‘organic’. I think Michael Pollan nails it with ‘food, in this case, is critically different from ‘edible food-like substances’’.

On top of that we work long hours and have no time to eat well so we take easy options such as take out or microwave foods. Food product manufactures drive our food industry rather than nutrition research based on what a healthy human body is required to eat or what we use to eat pre industrialization of food.

Have you noticed that there’s no such thing anymore as just eating a steak? Was it organic, grass fed, grass finished for that matter? Did it have a hobby? In my grandma’s day, you never had to worry about your Porterhouse’s diet. And we shouldn’t have to either. Just our own diet is hard enough.

For me that is simply to eat Real Food:

  • Real foods don’t come in packages: bananas, avocadoes, walnuts and eggs come in their own packages, packaged by nature
  • Real food doesn’t need to tell you how healthy it is or how many calories it has. Real food is the quieter foods; the ones that make health claims aren’t.
  • Real food speaks for itself. Real food ate real food – and food it was meant to eat. A cow is meant to eat grass not grain, so rather than grass fed, we need to know it wasn’t!
  • Real food does not need to be altered nor have components added or removed to make it healthy. Real food is not a supplement; real food is healthy and in its whole form or it’s not. Vitamin D fortified whole milk simply isn’t.

And thankfully, eating well and being healthy are both simple if you begin with how you value food.

  • Eat what we are designed to eat
    • Predominantly (green leafy) vegetables, whole fats & proteins from healthy pastured animals, seafood that is sustainable and line caught). Science can back this up as can historical evidence.
    • We are addicted to carbohydrates, particularly grains (wheat, corn, rice etc). They are made available to us in absolute abundance because of mono crop industrial farming, which is often genetically modified as well. We make most of our snack & convenient food out of them e.g. cereal, cakes, biscuits & bread. Carbohydrates are addictive because they are essentially sugar. This doesn’t mean to go on a no-carb diet: instead eat organically grown vegetables as your main carbohydrate source.
    • We are also addicted to processed-vegetable oils, cooking with them and we find them in our food products.
  • Eat what is grown or reared naturally in nature from rich nutritious soil. Eat seasonally, and locally (to the best of your ability) because this is where nutrients are richest.
  • Prepare food well: we have lost the art of food preparation living in a fast paced society with convenience as a preference. Preparing food well preserves food, increases nutritional density and is better digested.
  • Repair digestive function (and support your Liver if you do not have a gall bladder). Weeding out some bad bugs & cultivating healthy good bugs is also important. We are what the eat as well when you think about it: bad bugs thrive off sugars, good bugs off nutrients remaining after our body has used what it can. Bacteria make up 90% of the cells in our whole body so technically we’re their human! We can balance the good and the bad bugs in our body by intervening our sugar each season.
  • Experiment with flavours, tastes, recipes, food styling: pleasure is surely the most sustainable we can be
  • At the end of the day, just eat real food


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