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leftover broth became pea soup with poached egg; leftover sweet potato fries to fritters; leftover pastry to danishes with leftover cranberry sauce filling; and leftover chicken, stuffing and Brussels sprouts as a salad


I love leftovers.

Not only are they an excuse to cook enough for the next day so you don’t have to when you’re just keen to sit back and relax for the first day of the year, but they’re also a chance to get creative to make something new from what you just had, but with what you just had!

This New Year we decided to do Christmas again, because it was so good. And so here is today’s menu following last night’s feast.

Feast menu:

  • Roast chicken stuffed with craisins, bacon, almond meal, butter, macadamias and tarragon
  • Fresh cranberry sauce
  • Brussels sprouts with crispy bacon
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Cranberry mince pies

Leftovers menu:

  • Breakfast – Sweet potato fritters (from leftover sweet potato fries) with poached eggs
  • Lunch – Pea and ham soup (bone broth from chicken carcass)
  • Dinner – Chicken and Brussels Sprouts salad (chicken meat and Brussels Sprouts)
  • Dessert – Cranberry danishes (cranberry sauce and leftover mince pie pastry)

I don’t not which meal I liked better and I can assure you now there’s no leftovers from the leftovers!

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