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Pre brain surgery 2010

Pre brain surgery 2010

NYC marathon 2013

NYC marathon 2013

While there’s no one size fits all diet for everyone, in fact guidelines that say as much have been why we’re do unhealthy but don’t get me started. If someone tells you there is one diet to health, their either selling something, misguided or both. The truth is that we’re probably nutrient not calorie deprived and it’s time to put them back in.

The simplest starting point is to get off sugar and back on food. That’s where a seasonal Sugar Intervention comes in. We all know we’ve a problem with sugar and that alone is motivation enough to try it. It simply involves:

  • avoiding all processed foods, anything that comes in a pack or needs an ingredients list, in favor of wholefoods for two weeks
  • avoiding all sugars of course, natural or artificial and looking to wholefoods and their inherent sweetness, even in meats for instance, or to the satisfaction we’ve all been denied over 30years on a no fat diet through the missing healthy fats from our diet
  • this is the same as saying balancing our macronutrients, and not one over the others or one in absence.
  • I often hear how hard it is to eat healthy, that it feels controlling. But the truth is that processed food is controlling you already, which is why it’s so hard to change. They’re controlling your taste bids, your hormones and your sense of hunger.

Previous and future Sugar Interventions:

If you don’t know my story this is why I intervene my sugar, and each season too. It has shaped how I eat and check in to see if that’s still on track. It’s how I have learned to be my own best coach at what my body needs.

Each intervention is themed; while it’s well and good to intervene your sugar, chances are you’ll be intervening other foundations in your body at the same time! Also the time of year and the season very much affects your mood and motivation and from my personal training days, the best program is the one you’ll do, and that goes for nutritional protocols: they’ve to meet you where you’re at.

Previous two:

Upcoming for this year:

  • Sugar intervention: the skinny on fat
    • March 16-29, 2015
  • Sugar intervention: nourishing your bugs
    • June 1 – 14, 2015
  • Sugar intervention: spring has sprung and fall, falls.
    • August 31 – September 13, 2015
  • Sugar intervention: getting back where we all began
    • January 11 – 24, 2016

Remember that meal you had and thought, that was soooo good, that felt so good, that tasted so good? Well that’s how it’s supposed to be! We’ve tricked our taste buds out of the sensation of other tastes through too much sugar, weird fats and convenient foods that are not too convenient on our health, let alone our digestion. Sugar Intervening is about simultaneously taking charge of your own health naturally without taking too much time or taking over your life.


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