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One of the toughest things about choosing to eat whole foods is the amount of prep work and cooking required. It’s antithesis, processed food, offers those lovely convenient all in one packages, as well as their lovely numbers, colors, preservatives and additives. But they’re no only stripped of nutrients your body needs, they cost your body nutrients to digest and use / get rid of. No wonder we’re all nutrient deficient. Even just choosing whole foods we’re re-mineralizing a lot of what processed foods neither provide and take away at the same time.

But sometimes there are just times when you want to throw a recipe together without any fuss or have a snack without cutting, peeling and chopping. Just remember, eating this way is for sometimes, and even while you do, each of your macronutrients at each meal is still paramount, as is taking five to digest your food to get the benefits you’re aiming for! Here’s some quick DIY recipes, snacks available online, then some all-in-one shops online too:

DIY recipes:

Ginger balls: whiz and refrigerate

Ginger balls: whiz and refrigerate; click on image for recipe 🙂


Single serve fudge - mix and refrigerate

Single serve fudge – mix and refrigerate; click on image for recipe 🙂


Crackers with the white devil - quick and healthy meals in a flash

Crackers (no the white devil) – quick and healthy meals in a flash; click on image for recipe 🙂


To buy online –


Coconut and almond butter sachets

Epic Bars Sampler– Made with 100% Grassfed Bison, Beef, Turkey, or Lamb these bars are the perfect snack to take on the go.

Pure Wraps 

Exo Cricket Flour Bars and Chapul Thai Cricket Bars

Simple Mills Almond Flour Muffin Mixes Variety Pack– perfect when you’re pinched for time and need to get a treat made.

Pork Clouds– Crunchy, light pork rinds

Plantains chips

Roasted Seaweed 


All in one online shops:

Steve’s Paleo Goods

Barefoot Provisions – check their Holiday pack!


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