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There’s absolutely no doubt that the food we eat is one of the most important factors that determines our health. But it’s a mistake to assume that food is the only consideration that matters when it comes to health, and that all health problems can be solved simply by making dietary changes. Unfortunately, this seems to be an increasingly common assumption.

It’s a lot like looking to take supplements or super foods to enhance our diet, which for many is full of processed foods. It’s about what you eat not just handful of supplements. Take all pills you want but eating empty degraded foods not have optimal edge

A lot of people have their nutrition completely dialed in, but don’t take care of themselves in other ways, namely because of stress, as well as a lack of activity (not no swear word exercise is mentioned here) and sleep. Even if this person eats a perfect diet, are they really healthy?

And what about the person who doesn’t eat particularly well, but sleeps like a baby, gets a massage a couple times a month, has a lot of fun, spends lots of time outdoors, and doesn’t have any health problems. Ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. What aspects of health do you tend to ignore? And how does that keep you from living your dreams?
    1. I try and meditate at least every other day, maybe every two. Taking time out for yourself is a great way to take in a bigger perspective too. Try headspace. Their take ten program which is ten minutes for ten days, is free!
  2. What areas of your life – beyond your health – could use more attention? How would addressing those areas bring you more happiness and peace?
    1. Today I went to the gym downstairs in our temporary apartment – lucky there’s a gym as it’s -11c/ 12f outside! And 6.5months pregnant and I can still skip. Today I appreciated the littlest things J
  3. And back to food because it lets us concentrate on one aspect we can improve in our life at least three times a day (!) how could you enjoy your food more mindfully?
    1. Perhaps putting the fork down between each bite, eating cross legged on your office floor with no emails of phones or better yet outside in a park, or perhaps a nice chat with your partner or invite some friends over now for this weekend?


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