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Cravings for chocolate are a sign of magnesium deficiency

A lot of us know what to eat, especially what we like to eat! But how do you know how much, or what you might need that particular day to make you feel amazing?

Here are two great downloads for just that:

1. Use this one to look at what your digestion is telling you about the foods you’re eating, how comfy you’re feeling, whether you’re actually digesting them, what might not be agreeing with you and how to put those feelings into words. Keep a record if you can; it’s pretty cool to watch these change as you get to know what you need and feel better with each meal!

Dietary Fine Tuning Mini Quiz

2. The second download is so cool – did you know a lot of cravings can tell you about nutrient deficiencies you’re body is feeling. Chocolate for instance is not a chocolate deficiency hahah; it’s magnesium. I’m probably more like to reach for the chocolate but good to know I better up my sources of magnesium at the same time, right?!

Food Cravings Table 2012-13

‘Chocolate’ recipe (where you control the sugar)


Click on image for recipe 🙂



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