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These 'choc tarts with almond pastry' look just as delicious to your eyes as your cells: nutrient dense. Recipe coming soon

These ‘choc-espresso tarts’: as easy on your eyes as the health of your cells; click image for recipe

Fats (healthy or no) make up of all our cell membranes

we’re only as healthy as our cells, each cell.

When someone asks you what nutrition has to do with your blood pressure, my headaches, depression, heart disease, acne, cancer, autoimmune, sinus infection, infertility, chronic muscle spasms you realize that all cells’ structures and functions are built from or run on nutrients. They are the units of life. In fact in you think of who you are you can say ‘I am a collection of 100 trillion cells’. But like wise, when our cells are nutrient deficient we go on a downward spiral.

  • Nutrient deficiency (we need a full range of nutrients for energy) leads to cellular inefficiency (we need a full spectrum of nutrients our cell energy is diminished), which follows onto organ inefficiency (mal-digestion, mal-absorption, decreased circulation, immune, detox, vitality). From there, our body’s natural, 24hour detox is impaired (where our cells so fatigued that repair and rebuilding capacity is reduced, further organ impairment results in an inability to repair and rebuild (degeneration), leading to organ/system dysfunction, subclinical symptoms and eventually disease ‘results’. This is often all we see, as symptoms, and all we treat (cellular, organ, system, organism breakdown) but as you can see it’s not even the tip of the iceberg of what’s really wrong.

We are only as healthy as our cells, and their basic building blocks are the nutrients we feed then in the right proportions, specific to each individual body.



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